Street Sweeping Program Compliance

Street Sweeping Program

Cleaner streets and a more efficient process have resulted since street sweeping parking restrictions have been enforced in Brea. Compliance rates have been very high with residents reporting satisfaction with the program. To help minimize inconvenience for residents who rely on street parking, restricted parking on street sweeping days was reduced to only a two-hour window during which cars must be removed from public streets. The time period for each area is displayed on signs posted at the entrance to all neighborhoods.

Exemption Requests

Those with an unusual, temporary situation preventing compliance on a short-term basis can call the Brea Police Department at 714-990-7911 at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled sweeping. For longer term situations, it is possible to request an exemption permit.

Program Compliance

Citations will be issued to vehicles parked on the street during the restricted time period for that area, including those displaying Overnight Parking Permits. Once the sweeper cleans your street section, you may again park on the street.

Parked vehicles need only to be relocated for duration of time for the sweeping routine to be completed on a particular street. They are not required to be removed during the entire two-hour span of time in which sweeping may occur. Sweepers do follow a fairly regular schedule so residents can usually know approximately what time of day a particular street may be swept. However, this is always subject to unforeseen circumstances such as mechanical breakdowns.

Residents do have some flexibility in managing parking needs on the sweeping day. The Brea Police Department will be enforcing based upon the intent of the restrictions, which are to provide for an effective street sweeping program. A parking control officer will follow the street sweeper and cite any vehicles that impede its pattern. Once the sweeper has completed the street, the Police Department will not be going back to cite other vehicles that may park yet later in the day within the restricted hours. Those who may have a situation that keeps them from compliance should review the article on exemptions.

Increased public awareness of long-standing street sweeping procedures is expected to improve compliance with mandates of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Street sweeping significantly reduces accumulation of trash and debris and prevents it from entering storm drains and the natural watershed. This practice is well-established throughout the nation.

For questions about street sweeping days, call 714-990-7691. You may access local maps online.


Expect to see the street sweeper at work Monday through Thursday, even on rainy days. Because rain tends to wash off extra debris, sweeping efforts continue to collect trash on schedule and keep it from washing into the storm drain system.