Thursday Night Basketball League

The 2018 Winter Thursday Basketball league is closed.  Individual awards will be given to the team that wins the league championship. Teams will have until the beginning of the fourth game to make roster changes.

If you would like to register for the league or have any questions/comments please contact the Youth and Adult Sports Specialist Brian Karr at 714-990-7171.

Eastern Conference - Week 4

1Like Mike40
2Still Ballin31
2Pick Your Poison31
4Brea 24 Elite22
7Bring It04

Hi-Scorers - Week 4

Lance/Pick Your Poison 33

Mike/Brea 24 Elite 30

Johnny/Brea 24 Elite 25

Justin/Bring It 24

Vaughn/Pick Your Poison 23

Aza/Pick Your Poison 22

Jon/Like Mike 20

Western Conference - Week 4

1Downtown Express40
1Air Rave40
3Splash Bros22
3The Brochachos22
6Bad News Camels13
6Still Running13
8Soak City04

Hi-Scorers - Week 4

Monther/Bad News Camels 37

Buddy/Splash Bros 34

Chandler/Still Running 31

Matt/Downtown Express 29

Charles/Soak City 25